UVC-WIFI UVC Sterilizer with WiFi Function

WIFI UVC Sterilizer Lamp 275nm Light Wave Length 24VDC 7W Disinfection LED Light

  • Smart Wifi UVC LED Alexa Undercabinet Sterilizer Light.

      Product Characteristic:

      • Based on Android and IOS system, local and remote control are available. It supports scene effects editing by mobile phone itself.
      • It supports automatic detection of new equipment. Network configuration can be done with one click.
      • It supports the combination of one-click execution and automatic smart scenes, and the link of scenes and devices, enabling interaction among products.
      • It supports Amazon Echo, Google Home and other third-party voice control, which are totally hand-free.
      • Considerate permission management and device sharing can be used with no worry.
      • Seamless connection with local life, allowing users to easily control smart devices, know the real-time device status and enjoy smart life.

        Product Parameters:

        Input Voltage DC24V
        Wavelength 275nm (UV-C)
        Power 7W
        Size 34*317.5*13.8 mm
        Brightness Range 10%–100%
        Dimming Frequency 1,000Hz
        0V Memory Yes, it takes effect after maintaining the current state for 5 seconds
        Trigger Mode of the First Network Distribution Flashes after manually switching
        Network Distribution Reset Switch 3 times (ON-OFF-ON -OFF-ON)
        Brightness of Reminder 50%
        Successful Network Distribution  Light of reminder is ON with 100% brightness all the time.

        Product Features:

        1. TUYA APP Control By Mobile Phone

        2. Voice Control By Google Assistant/Alexa Echo

        3. Brightness Adjustable

        Product Details and Sizes: