NEW Rechargeable PIR motion sensor LED Wardrobe Closet Light

Rechargeable Customized Length wardrobe USB lamps under cabinet with usb port Motion sensor led closet light

Product Parameters:
Model Number
Input Voltage
12V–24V DC
Outpur Voltage
12V–24V DC
1.2A Max
Delay Time
About 20 seconds
Detecting distance
bedroom, cabinet, wardrobe,etc
Included the battery, rechargeable and removable
Product Features:
  1. PIR motion sensor built in. Turn on the light when people move in the detective range. Turn off the light after 20 se- conds, when people leave the detective range
  2. Easy to install
  3. Ideal choice for bedroom, cabinet, wardrobe, etc
  4. High quality LEDs, super bright
  5. Life time: >50,000hrs
  6. Removable rechargeable battery

 Product Introduction:

Product Details:

About PIR007

Three kinds of function switch: ON−OFF−AUTO

When the product is charging, red light flashing
When the product is fully charged, red light is always on
When the product is working, blue light is always on
When the appliance is not enough, blue light flashes
Installation Steps:
Step 1   Screw the part with PIR007 on the right side
Step 2   The other part is screwed on the left-hand side
Step 3   Put the lamp on the hanging hole
Step 4   The lamp is working
How to match it with R003:
Product Application:
Packing LIst: