New Break-proof Side Emitting PET LED Neon Tube- N1023P!

New Design PET Sheet Custom IP67 Outdoor Waterproof Decoration Led Neon Light Tube Led Neon Lights

LED silicone tube for led strip 10mm thin silicone rubber tube IP67 waterproof connector 

OEM&ODM service. Customized length and led strips.

Product Parameters: 

Model number N1023P
Item Type LED Neon Flex Silicone Tube
PCB Limited (mm) 10mm led strip
Environment Indoor/ Outdoor
IP Rating IP67
Certification CE, RoHS
Working Temperature -20℃ - 50℃
Size 12*23mm
CRI (RA) >80
Packing 50m per reel, 1 reel per paper box
Length Customizable
N.W.(G/M) 275


Product Details:

Product Features:

  • With PET inside , robust to protect led strip
  • Excellent flexibility to shape optionally.

  • IP67 waterproof

Product Application:


  • Please notice that the strips are not bendable to all directions. As the appropriate specific shape and degree, please follow the following instruction.
  • LED strips are low voltage products, you must use the power supply (transformer). Please don't connect the led strip directly to the AC 110V or AC 220V. Otherwise, it will burn out the LED strips and lead to safety (security) accidents.
  • Please read the specifications thoroughly before installation by professional staff to make sure the safe use.
Product Packing: