Cheaper price but with multiple features - EPS002!!!

Cheap Price Proximity Sensor Switch with Dimmer Patent Design Hand Sensor for LED Light

Product Parameters:

Model EPS002
Input Voltage DC12-24V
Load Current 6A
Operating Max Height 12cm (without any cover, If the surface has a cover,the sensing distance is 4-5cm)
Light Color
Light on Blue
Light off White
Adjust Light on Blue Flashing
Adjust Light off White Flashing
Swipe hand left and right Turn on/ off
Keep hand on the sensor switch for 1.5s Dimming
Size 45*10mm
Dimming Range 0.8-100%
0V Memory Memory after 5 seconds of no operation
Power Outage
Cut Down
Off state, No lights will disturb the rest
Light Transmittance It is recommended to use a cover with a light transmittance of more than 70%
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