Annual Surmountor team building time!

Funny days!! 👻 We had a unforgetable two-days trip in Qingyuan.

At the frist day, we played some funny games and had a wonderful hot springs time.

We learned how to finish the target by team work and know how important in cooperation from these games.🤝

By the way, you might not know how wonderful feeling to have a hot springs in cold winter.😇

Another day was an amazing adrenalin day!!🤪

Rock climbing or high-altitude glass bridge? 🤔

Only children make the decision but adults want all!!

Someone chooses rock climbing said that they felt nervous and excited.😹

Someone chooses high-altitude glass bridge had to climb the mountain to arrive the start of the bridge.

They felt excited when they walked but they saw the wonderful overall view in here!🤩

All of us enjoyed this great outdoor environment experience!