Adjustable Multi Functions PIR/ Light Sensor Switch - PIR010

PIR010 Motion Dimming Smart Light Sensor 5VDC- 24VDC Multi Function PIR Sensor Switch

MODEL NO. PIR010 Multi Function PIR motion sensor switch
Multi Function

Turn on, turn off with buffer in 4s from 100% brightness,

Dimming, Light sensor

Input & Output Voltage  DC 5V - 24V 
Input & Output plug 5521 DC male plug,  users connect with 5521 DC female plug
Load  < 4A Max current, 5V 20W,  12V 48W,  24V 96W
Detective range < 6 meters
Delay Lighting time 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 180 seconds option
Product Dimension 60*61*31.2mm
Package box size 7* 7 *4 cm, 0.05KG, 200pcs per carton

Product Functions:

  1. Turn On, and Off with Brightness buffer in 4s from 100% (slowly soft off)
  2. Dimming led light DC 5V- 24V
  3. Light sensor Model: Day and night light luminous flux adjustable.
  4. Three levels of induction time: 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 380 seconds option.

Mounting Methods:

  • Double sided tape
  • 2pcs Screws mounted.


1 piece per box, 200pcs per carton.


1. Avoid being exposed to sunlight, auto bulb and incandescent lamp, neither to heat source (such as radiator and heater), or air conditioner, in case of faulty detection caused by ambient temperature change.

2. Sensor switches must be firmly installed, in case of faulty detection from wind shaking

3. Don't touch the surface of detector.

4. Regularly clean the optical lens surface with wet soft cloth or cotton, in case dust influence the sensitivity.